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My Cousin the Antichrist: A Memoir - Episode 1

"The time of revealing is upon us." -- Steve Quayle, 2015


Series Description:

Part reality show, part documentary. Real life X-files meets Da Vinci Code meets Pizzagate. 

This series chronicles,” Life in the Shadow of Mt. Diablo: the political and spiritual geography of San Francisco's ‘Beast Bay,’” and why I believe I am a survivor of a eugenics program (which includes trauma-based mind control and satanic ritual abuse). We will also look at my genetic relationship to Barak Obama and (my husband's family's relationship to Obama) and why I believe that John Podesta's daughter, Megan Rouse, is living in the city next door to where I grew up, and why John Podesta actively campaigned for his daughter's election to the school board there, and how John Podesta's interest in "Disclosure" has everything to do with what's been going on in S.F.'s "Beast Bay" for a long time.

I grew up with a front row seat to some important history and feel an obligation to share what I have witnessed. I was an actress in films and have crossed paths with celebrities and historical figures. I even saw Green Day’s first show.

Upcoming episodes will include:

The "super complex" surrounding the base of Mt. Diablo: Is there a deep underground military / or "power structure" base inside of / or underneath Mt. Diablo?

Giant bones found in S.F.’s East Bay

Why did Aleister Crowley’s successor move to Dublin, California?

The Bomb before the Bomb: Lawrence Livermore Lab and the Port Chicago Disaster - The first nuclear explosion was not in Trinity, New Mexico but in the S.F. Bay Area, exactly one year and one day before the official blast; (and the occult agenda underlying nuclear technology).

Growing up in a "Paperclip community" (as in Operation Paperclip); "security clearance culture" and "club culture" (as in San Francisco's Bohemian Club). Mt. Diablo and the " Hidden Grove" behind Bohemian Grove.

My sister's death at Stanford University, and is one of my other sisters a "Three Parent Baby"?

Was Green Day (and 3rd Wave Punk) created by Lawrence Livermore Lab?

An occult tour of U.C. Davis and Davis, California. Life in the shadow of the University of California.

An occult tour of Santa Rosa, California (the Bohemian Grove is just outside of Santa Rosa).

Satanism, MK Ultra, and Paris Hilton in Provo, Utah

Oregon and the Pacific Northwest: ultimate playground for "Grovers," real-life Twin Peaks.

The Occult Elite's interest in Indonesia; and Hawaii as a New World Order hub.

New evidence: for the existence of the United States U.F.O. program "Majestic;" a new understanding of the use of the term, "Monarch;" Berkeley's Weather Underground as part of the "Monarch" program; and the T.V. show Mythbusters as psychological operation.

Serial Killers as psychological operation and the re-opened case (in 2016) of the "Original Night Stalker, aka Golden State Killer, aka Diamond Knot Killer aka East Area Rapist" (a case not included in Dave McGowan's 2004 book, Programmed to Kill.)

Overlooked / under-researched players in the New World Order: Jose Arguelles, Kerry Thornley, and Eugene O’Neil.

Types of and levels of involvement in black ops and the New World Order: A portrait of four very different families.

And much more…

[If anyone has better filmmaking skills or equipment than I do, and would like to go film some of these places and interview some people please feel free to contact me about producing a more professional production.]


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We discussed my genetic relationship to Barak Obama and Brad Pitt; the evidence for all three of us being in a eugenics program; the possibility of an Akhenaten cult; my husband's family's relationship to Obama's mother; evidence for Obama being a creation of the CIA; the possibility of Eleanor of Aquitaine being a descendant of both Jesus and Mohammed; my family's relationship to George Washington, the Adams of colonial America, the Temple family, and possibly Shirley Temple.


(I neglected to mention that the "excerpts from an unfinished press release, circa 2015" end at 10 minutes, 22 seconds. The remaining 4 minutes, 28 seconds of material was composed in September of 2017.)

EXCLUSIVE: Hawaii Official who “Certified” White House “Certificate of Live Birth” and Mother of Twins who Claimed to Remember President Obama’s Birth Both Tied to US government Eugenics Think Tank" by Alan Jones @

A Singular Woman: the Untold Story of Barak Obama's Mother


The Research on my husband's family (in the comments section) is phenonmenal, as is the research on "photoshopped" pictures of Obama during his formative years:


SEE ALSO: 83 search results for "Ann Dunham" @ Wayne Madesen's investigative journalism website:

Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception, film by Joel Gilbert


Peter Levenda’s 2014 book, The Hitler Legacy: The Nazi Cult in Diaspora – How it was Organized, How it was Funded, and Why it Remains a Threat to Global Security in the Age of Terrorism

Link to my profile and pedigree chart (which is public, although you have to create an account to view public posts):

My mother's first cousin has created the most comprehensive Hickman family website:

Book shown in video is free to view online (PDF):

Edwin and Elender Webber Hickman : Some Progenitors and Descendants (Early Pioneers of Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, and Utah) by Hope Hilton

Relationship between the Hickman / Thacker family and George Washington:

Info on early Hickmans / Thackers / Conways 

How to get from the Hickmans to the Merovingians on my family tree 
(there is more than one way): 

Look to the right, go back three generations on my paternal grandfather’s side of the family and click on the arrow to the right of “Eunice Lettie Hickman.” 

Click on her father’s father, Edwin Hickman’s profile – select the tool icon, click, “view tree.”

Click on the arrow to the right of his maternal grandmother (Eltonhead Conway, 1646) 

Click on the arrow to the right of her maternal grandmother, Anne Sutton 

Click on the arrow to the right of her father’s,father’s, mother’s, father, William Willoughby

Go forward three generations to Eleanor Plantagenet (William’s mother’s, father’s, mother’s, mother) 

Go forward to Eleanor Plantagenet’s father’s father, “John ‘Lackland,’ K of” 

Then click on the arrow to the right of his mother, Eleanor, Princess of b. 1122 

Eleanor is a well-known descendant of Emperor Charlemagne 

Charlemagne is the 13th generation of descent from Merovech 

From Eleanor to Charlemagne: Eleanor-Alienor d'Aquitaine daughter of William X, son of The Toulousan of Aquitaine, William IX,son of The Troubador of Aquitaine, son of William VI, Guido of Aquitaine, son of William III The Great of Aquitaine, son of William 11, Ironarm of Poitou, son of William 1, Towhead of Poitou, son of Ebalus Manger, The Bastard of Poitou, son of Ranulf511, Count of Poitou, son of Ranulf41, Count of Poitou, son of Hildegard, daughter of Louis1, The Pious and the Debonair, son of Charlemagne.

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John Podesta's Daughter Lives in Dublin, CA

New Pizzagate Code Words / New Podesta Email of Interest + John Waters Continued Crowley and Kinsey's Culture War

Following the trail of a mysterious symbol in the town where I live led me to discover one (or more) new Pizzagate code words – which then led me to a new Podesta email of interest and to new persons of interest in D.C., and to the realization that filmmaker John Waters continued the culture war begun by Aleister Crowley and Alfred Kinsey (and shocking, but not surprising, evidence that Waters may be a pedo-sadist or pedophile).

Pizzagate Primer: Basic Facts in 5 minutes

Mystery of the Pink Flamingos

I moved to Oregon from California 11 months ago. I've heard over the years that Oregon is a hotbed of cults and entire communities pursuing deviant lifestyles. This has been confirmed for me by two Oregon-based YouTube channels, Illegal News and Christina Beauchamp

Several months ago, Illegal News and The Pizzagate Files presented overwhelming evidence ([HERE]( ) and [HERE] that the world-famous Voodoo Doughnut (in Portland) is possibly a child trafficking front.

As I've been exploring the area I've definitely noticed possible signs of underground activities. The most notable, thus far, has been what seems like the ubiquitous presence of pink flamingos in people's yards.

The image seems iconic at one of America's most famous hippie festivals, the Oregon Country Fair:

Here is a mural in Portland (on the side of the Pie Spot, a bakery with a questionable Instagram account, as far as this line of research goes):

An inflatable one in Bend:

If this was Florida I wouldn't think anything of it but I don't remember seeing them this often in California. I wondered if they were used to signify people who practice alternative lifestyles since Oregon is known for attracting and / or producing people who do. It definitely seems to be a trend in the Pacific Northwest. I didn't find this query on Reddit until after I had completed most of this research but someone else in the Pacific Northwest asked a similar question this past year:

When did pink plastic flamingos become the sign of a swingers' home?

My suspicion that this may be symbol of one or more alternative lifestyles and / or underground subcultures was fueled when I came across a columnist for the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News who said that they are going to decorate their house with rainbow flags and pink flamingos for the Pride festival this year:

Also, the Flamingo Resort claims to be, "Florida's largest GLBT resort:"

The Urban Dictionary links the phrase "pink flamingos" with a couple of different sex acts (1).

I also found some lyrics to a couple of different songs associating pink flamingos with pedophilia and sexual abuse. (Now I am not saying that gay people (or at least all gay people) or all polyamorists are pedophiles or sexual abusers. I think that this symbol may mean different things to different people, and that to most people it means nothing at all other than cute vintage nostalgia, but it is beginning to appear to me that some subcultures are using it to denote unconventional lifestyles).

One song by Erik Dylan, titled Pink Flamingos, tells a story about a pedophile boyfriend who is murdered by the girl’s mother and buried under the pink flamingos in the front yard. He sings, "He's pushing up pink flamingos" (2).

Another song, also titled, Pink Flamingos, by Electric Six goes (in part):

When the time comes to documentary what we did here, The transcription won't really be that hard, 'Cos i'm a woman eating monster, With a suitcase full of fire, And pink flamingos decorate my yard...Do you remember that young girl who did all those things with her body Yeah, I guess you could say it was me who gave her her start! I hear she's working for President Clinton the way she used to work for me, But my pink flamingos keep pecking at her heart...And, you know, baby, I sometimes find it odd, You've got to climb the statue of the demon to get closer to God! (3)

The only reason I even began to wonder about all of this was because the first thing that the phrase "pink flamingos" brings to mind is John Waters' 1972 X-rated film by the same name - a film which depicts the most deviant lifestyles imaginable.

I didn't want to watch the film again (I'd seen it in 1990), so I went to the Internet to see if I could find out anything about it that might give me a clue as to whether some people are using plastic flamingos as a symbol of alternative lifestyles centering around sexual deviance. 

The film's tagline says, The filthiest people alive! Their loves, their hates and their unquenchable thirst for notoriety! and a famous line by one of the main characters is, "Kill everyone now! Condone first degree murder! Advocate cannibalism! Eat shit! Filth are my politics, filth is my life!"* (4)

According to *Wikipedia* the film, "features 'a number of increasingly revolting scenes' that center on exhibitionism, voyeurism, sodomy, masturbation, gluttony, vomiting, rape, incest, murder and cannibalism...In one of the film's most infamous scenes...two of them have sex while crushing a live chicken between them as Cotton looks on through a window." (5)

And yes, the chicken was brutally killed in real life during the filming of the scene. (6)

I also discovered that one of the actors (Divine) actually ate real-life excrement during the shooting of the film. (7)

According to Wikipedia, the plot is about two rival families vying for the title, "the filthiest people alive." The family trying to steal the title from the reigning champions are running, "a black market baby ring." (That struck me right off the bat.) The other thing I noticed right away is that one of the main characters is called Edie, aka "the egg lady." She is obsessed with and / or addicted to eggs.

Who is the Egg Man?

Maybe it was Carolyn Limaco's discovery of new Pizzagate code words over the past couple of months but something stood out to me about this emphasis on eggs. It turns out that looking into the word "egg" was a surprisingly fruitful line of research and it even led me a noteworthy email between John Podesta and his daughter, but more on that in a bit.

I will quote a scene that piqued my interest between the egg lady and another character known as the Egg Man (or you can watch it HERE:

The Egg Man: And now, Edie, what will it be today? I have Grade A extra large, I have Grade A large, I have medium, I have small, I have brown and I have white. Just look at these, so fresh you could hardly believe it. They're just begging to be scrambled or fried or poached or hard boiled. Or ready to be thrown into a big, fat, juicy omelet! How about it, Edie? What will it be for the lady that the eggs like the most?
Edie: I want them all! I'll have the brown ones, and those great big white ones, and I'll have those over there. And I want them for frying and for scrambling, and for hard-boiled for snacks. Oh, God!
The Egg Man: Miss Edie, as long as there are chicken layin' and truck drivin' and my feet walkin', you can be sure that l will bring you the finest of the fine, the largest of the large and the whitest of the white. ln other words, that thin-shelled ovum of the domestic fowl will never be safe as long as there are chicken layin' and l'm alive because l am your eggman and there ain't a better one in town!

I wondered what the eggs represented and what the Egg Man symbolized. I noticed on Urban Dictionary that the word "egg" is sometimes used as code for drugs such as heroin (8). Was the egg man a drug dealer?

It is also noteworthy that the term "egg" is related to the word "chicken." We know that chicken is definitely a pedo code word for a boy. Could an "egg" represent a baby "chicken" here? The colors brown and white and the different size mentioned in the film almost sound more like descriptions of people rather than drugs, and definition #84 of this slang term in the*Urban Dictionary* is, "a short, fat, white person or child."

The word "fresh" spoken by the Eggman, in relation to eggs, also seems to be a code word, like for extremely young, as in babies. Also, the Eggman jokes that eggs will "never be safe" as long as he's around.

Does the Egg Man as a child trafficker make more sense than the Egg Man as a drug trafficker? And why does Edie the egg lady live in something that looks like a baby crib or a playpen?

This image of eggs and pizza was found on "zacharyancox" Instagram account and included in the "Swordfish leaks." Miley Cyrus is tagged.* (9)

That was all I could find on the term "egg" so I looked to see what I could find out about the term "Egg Man" / "eggman."

In order of chronology, it is a phrase used in the 1967 Beatles song, "I am the Walrus;" It is a character in the 1972 film, *Pink Flamingos*; It is the name of a 1989 Beastie Boys song; and it is the primary villain in the 1991 video game, *Sonic the Hedgehog* (although there is at least one other villain in the game with that title as well).

Definition # 14 in the Urban Dictionary defines "eggman" as, "A chief player in the strange and cabalistic egg industry : one who specializes in eggs and egg products." Definition #1 defines it as, "The one who has the master plan." The latter definition is probably derived from the primary villain in Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic the Hedgehog, "is recognized as the longest running video game by Guinness World Records" (10) and the lyrics to Dr. Eggman's theme song do say that he "has the master plan." (11)

His goal is nothing less than total world domination. If there is a real life corollary is this what eggmen are? major players in the New World Order and / or traffickers of some kind?

The Beastie Boys song is disturbing.


This article giving some background on the song claims, on the one hand, that the song was conceived by the Beastie Boys as a memorial to their youth, throwing eggs at people as a prank. But then, later on, the article admits that the song gets pretty deep:

Egg Man” is full of so many puns and cultural egg allusions that it’s nearly impossible to list them all. We are informed that “Humpty Dumpty was a big fat egg”, as if we didn’t know this. We get philosophical musings like “an egg, a symbol of life” and “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” The Beasties reference Dr. Seuss’ classic children’s book Green Eggs and Ham and the protagonist Sam, I Am. The boys end with the imperative lines, “Not like the crack that you put in a pipe / But crack on your forehead here’s a towel now wipe. More impressive than the song’s lyrical allusions, though, is the way the tune’s samples comment with sophistication regarding the plot. We get snippets from the shower scene of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1960 film Psycho, as if to suggest that the eggings are akin to a violent murder. The group uses samples of dialogue from Taxi Driver, equating the Egg Man with the mentally disturbed, possibly psychopathic protagonist of Martin Scorsese’s 1976 film. The song’s insane groove itself, anchored by a bassline from Curtis Mayfield’s “Superfly”, points to the song’s ironic nature. No doubt many have found themselves dancing to the inescapable beat only to be surprised by the song’s absurdist subject matter. If there’s a theme to “Egg Man”, perhaps—much like in Alexander Pope’s masterful satire The Rape of the Lock—it’s that we often tend to make mountains out of mole hills. The Beasties paint the Egg Man as a kind of picaresque anti-hero, one who takes pleasure in surreptitiously breaking petty laws, but he is treated as a legitimate threat to society...

But this song seems to incorporate darker subject matter than merely throwing eggs as a prank. I think I found a reference to pedophilia and cannibalism in this line:

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I egged the chicken then I ate his leg.

The Beatles' song, "I am the Walrus," is also linked to a pedophile - Lewis Carroll. (12) John Lennon admits that the line, "I am the Walrus" came from Lewis Carroll's poem, "The Walrus and the Carpenter" (from Through the Looking Glass, the sequel to Alice in Wonderland) but claims that the lyrics to the song were intentionally written to be nonsensical. It may have been written to appear as nonsense but I suspect it may be coded for the enjoyment of those in the know.

The reason I suspect that is because Lewis Carroll's poem, "The Walrus and the Carpenter," is also possibly coded.

Most people don't know (and I didn't until I began researching this article) that Lewis Carrol was a mathematician and the inventor of word puzzles. I have to wonder if this could be used as a code because the way the code works is that you can turn one word into another by using certain rules of logic. (13)

The word "walrus" itself is interchangeable with the word "carpenter," if you use Carroll's rules.

It would be interesting to see if, using Carroll's methods, any further meaning can be derived from Carroll's poem (above) or John Lennon's song, "I am the Walrus." Lennon claims that the phrase, "I am the egg man," was just an inside joke between him and the lead singer of The Animals, Eric Burdon, due to, "his habit of 'breaking raw eggs on girls during sex.'" (14)

Again, we have an association with unconventional sex, but I still have to wonder if there is more to the meaning of this song (and its use of the term) than we are being told.

During the time I was conducting this research, I decided to re-watch Titus Frost's first Pizzagate Documentary not as part of this particular line of research but just to refresh my memory as to the basic facts of the case. At the 1 hour and 25 minute mark he says:

So as Comet Ping Pong has a Twitter account, I thought it would be worth investigating purposes to go ahead and take a screen shot of every person that Comet Ping Pong follows on Twitter. So I went ahead and did that and I'm going to show all those to you now and I'm not going to read out every one of them...I feel this is important evidence because this is who Comet Ping Pong actually follows, OK. This isn't who follows them, and since this whole story broke a whole bunch of people investigating them joined their followers list, so documenting all their followers (and trying to weed out the investigators from people that were following before is going to be almost impossible). But we can go ahead and look at all the people they follow, and I highly doubt they've been adding people who've been investigating them to this list, and this means any of these people...if they follow them back could actually...private message Comet Ping Pong. So all these people should be likely investigated, especially if they show similar symbology on their accounts. And honestly, as these play across the screen... if you see any that you think deserve further investigation please investigate any of these accounts." (15)

I was amazed when I noticed a banner image of a big fried egg on one of the accounts. I was on the trail immediately. This egg led me to Holley Simmons, a writer at the *Washington Post*, and when I got up close I discovered the egg was smack on top of a piece of pizza - ding! ding! ding! ding! Investigating this account was a gold mine.

While looking at the following Twitter and Instagram accounts it is interesting to note that, not only does Holley Simmons cover dining and restaurants at the Washington Post but was named one of “D.C.’s Rising Stars: 30 Under 30” by in 2013. In the interview she was asked, “If you could switch lives with anyone else under 30, who would it be?” She replies, “Obviously, one of Tina Fey’s daughters, because you’d get to hang out with her all day. Plus, I bet she tells the most amazing bedtime stories.” (16)

This is very interesting because Tina Fey is the originator of the phrase, “Working on my night cheese” in an episode of *30 Rock* (17), and if you will recall, “werkinonmahnightcheese” was one of the more sinister commentators on Alefantis’ accounts, see Titus Frost’s *# PizzaGate / # PedoGate - The UnAnswered Questions Documentary - Part 1* (@ 2hrs29secs) (18), and as if this weren’t enough, Fey’s co-star, Alec Baldwin’s contact info was found in convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book (

(CLICK to enlarge)

Simmons also runs an arts and crafts studio called the Lemon Collective. Is this a reference to Tina Fey’s character in 30 Rock, Liz Lemon? Lemon appears to be popular in Simmons’ circles. When I went to the account of someone who left a heart within a heart ([eerily similar to the F.B.I.’s declassified pedo symbols it led me to Ashley Eisele / “asheisele,” who posted a “workin’ on muh night cheese” GIF, HERE and just happens to travel around the world for an international humanitarian aid company that also works with refugees. Interesting line of work for someone posting hearts within hearts and “night cheese” GIFs.

Speaking of the Lemon Collective, there is one more thing that adds some very intriguing context to Holley Simmons. One of her two co-founders is former child actress, Kathryn Zaremba, (19) most famous for her role on the final season of *Full House*, a television show documented by a former youth counselor (with an M.A. in counseling) to be full of references to pedophilia and satanism in a playlist of 10 videos.

The Real Meaning of Food Porn?

Now, I am not accusing Holley Simmons (or anyone else cited in this article) of any wrong-doing. This is simply a study of the culture in contemporary Washington D.C. (and its possible sub-cultures). But for the first time in my life I wondered (while looking at this account) if the phrase “food porn” has actually been a double entendre created by the elite from its inception.

While not as bold as the comments on Comet Ping Pong’s Instagram account, there is still undoubtedly a consistent theme of dark humor and sexual innuendo on Holley Simmons’ accounts.

The first “humorous” comment we see on her Twitter account is actually pinned at the top and refers to someone being held captive (see the image, above):

You don’t know fear until you’ve been locked inside the Home Depot garden department as they’re closing up and no one can hear you scream.”

Her Instagram account is similar:

She writes, “So many shellfish were harmed in the making of this pasta.” This is pretty dark if you consider that “pasta” is considered to be a pedophile code word by researchers and was used in the Podesta emails.

She jokes over a picture of pizza, “split personalities,” which we know is what happens to many children who are abused like pizza,” another pedo code word cited in the reference above.

Even though she is a food writer, I find it interesting that she probably has more pictures containing eggs than any other food on her Instagram account. I would say that the second most common food item I see there is pizza. There are also multiple photos of egg pizza (or breakfast pizza). Oysters might be third on that list, a very trendy item to post amongst the D.C. crowd, or maybe doughnuts (also linked to pedophilia and food porn. )

Speaking of egg-related themes, I had to wonder about the timing of this post – a baby goat, 9 days before Easter (which was on April 20 in 2014). Was its name, Annabelle, chosen for its possible relationship to the ancient god Ba’al?

It is also interesting to note that out of all of the photos she could have taken inside of, or in front of, D.C.’s Little Red Fox café, the one she chose to post was of its back alley parking lot (shared with Comet Ping Pong and the Pegasus Museum). Is she letting those-in-the-know know that she has access to a special entrance or special services?

Holley’s friend Kandis (who works at Little Red Fox) also has an interesting Instagram name, KandiSnM.

There are many more interesting photos and comments that could be listed here but for the sake of space and time I will go over just one more rabbit hole I found before moving on.


I noticed a picture of Holley’s living room where she writes, “Where the magic happens.” Then she tones it down by adding, “And by magic I mean marathons of 'The Office' and popcorn binges. 📷 @ gokateshoot.” But then (on another photo of the same wall hanging, posted a few days before, someone called believeinrecess says, “I still can't get enough of this backdrop totem wall art!”

Having done Ph.D. level study in the field of anthropology and religious studies, and having been published in the fields of archaeology, magic, witchcraft, and shamanism, it was natural to associate the word “totem” with the word “magic,” so I tried to find out what was hanging on the wall.

I quickly found out that there is a type of wool yarn referred to as “totem.” I almost gave up the search thinking that maybe believeinrecess comment was simply referring to some of the material the wall hanging was constructed with, but then I added the word “fetish” as a synonym for “totem,” which yielded some interesting results. Sex was the last thing on my mind. I literally did not even remember that that word is connected to sex when I plugged it in because I am as “vanilla” as it gets, lol. It doesn’t get any more vanilla than me. I was just being a total nerd. But as you can see in the dictionary, from an anthropological perspective there is some overlap in the meaning of these two words.

In the midst of this search I actually cut and pasted the image into a Google Image search and one of the search results way down the list was a flogger. So, that's one possibility.

Or maybe magic wands?

The passion for tassels and cords amongst the Lemon Collective crowd got me thinking…

I remembered from my graduate studies that string, twine, yarn, etc. are sometimes used in witchcraft and I found this:

The Cord

Constructing the Cord

Beyond Cord Magic: Spinning and Weaving

Witchcraft, Knitting, and Crochet as Magick

Then I came across this Etsy site called totembypoppy advertising a, “Totem - large contemporary weave - woven hand - weaving wall - Big woven wall hanging - Tapestry weaving Fiber Art” piece. The description says, in part:

My totems are ecological weaves and handmade, which summon the spirits of your choice, to hang around where your eyes want to walk through walls. (20)

(Photo of totem wall hanging is on lower right)

I noticed on Instagram that Holley had a very similar one hanging in her home made by Lemon Collective co-founder, Linny:

I went to her website ( It states:

Linny is a stylist and artist known for her custom fiber art featured in restaurants, shops and homes. She offers interior decor services virtually / in the DC area. Linny strives to create magic by combining her love for textiles, color and timeless style.Let's make magic together. For collaborations, commissions, or interior styling, email: lindsaygiffin @

Then later I noticed on that alternate photo of the same art piece where Holley puns, “I’d rather be DIYing,” and thanked Studiocultivate for the tutorial. The owner @ StuioCultivate describes herself as a “magic maker.”

I guess this fiber art is pretty trendy in design circles in the Northeast right now.

So what kind of magic is Holley really referring to in the photo? Sex ? Sex magick? Or maybe just the “magic,” sans sex?


After this, I went to the account of the person tagged by Holley in her “magic” comment (gokateshoot) and saw that she had a picture of the “totem wall art” in Holley’s living room on her account. It turns out this person is Kate Warren, a professional photographer, also named one of “D.C.’s Rising Stars: 30 Under 30” (in 2013). 

She has photos of a music video she co-directed with Magadeth involving a lot of twine and esoteric symbolism. The video was featured on N.P.R. (National Public Radio). It appears Magadeth’s legal name is Maggie Famiglietti (from the N.P.R. page, below).

Kate also has some photos of what looks to be some dark magic and an association with an organization called # SLVTCULT (and alternately # SLUTCULT), a “female run artist collective” based out of D.C., Chicago, and L.A.

SLVTCULT has its own Instagram account (apart from the ones generated by hashtags):

This photo Magadeth (and commentary) from the SLVTCULT account is pretty interesting:

Are some of the members under the influence of trauma-based mind control programming? "beta slaves" aka "sex kitten programming")?

The photo below was found on the hashtag-generated # SLVTCULT page (with several other disturbing hashtags):

This is Magadeth’s account:

Lots of compelling photos here:

Kid running around in back of a child-sized coffin. Magadeth comments, "This kid He's ready."

Comet Ping Pong

Probably a reference to Crowley's Thelema (or an  East Coast Hip Hop movement - which is still probably based on Crowley). The S.F. East Bay (where I am from) is referred to as the  "Beast Bay;" by the local Thelemites. Thelema was the subject in one of Wikileaks' Podesta emails.

I think that the image above, and the one following (from the SLVTCULT account), illustrate a point I would like to make about "food porn" possibly having been created as a double entendre from the beginning by the "powers-that-shouldn't be," (as Titus Frost would say).

I think that many people participate in these trendy sub-cultures unknowingly. They post delicious looking pictures of food and call it "# foodporn" without knowing that some people posting pictures of food items are using those items as code words (or symbols) that convey a much deeper meaning only to those fully initiated into this culture. 

As an anthropologist, it really struck me when James Alefantis told Ryan O'Neal, "it's your culture" (when he was threatening Ryan to take down a video exposing Alefantis), implying that the mainstream culture Ryan exists in is completely different from the realm that elites like Alefantis dwell in. They live in the same world but not the same culture. Alefantis was so unfamiliar with the workings of mainstream society that he told Ryan he'd have to figure it out for himself. There is also another suspicious pizza place under citizen investigation called "Pizza Brain" in Philadelphia which runs a museum all about "pizza culture" which lends further weight to this notion. (21)

Above, we have a series of bizarre photos which include images of pizza and ice cream, a hashtag that says # erotica, and a comment by Magadeth that says, "Pizza snack, jock strap delivery," and someone comments, "WTF am I looking at," which also underscores my point.

Below, we have a photo that I think is real # foodporn. It also includes the hashtags, "# foodfetish; # slvtcult; # slutcult; # milkcult; and # icecream - which the latter, evidence suggests, is code for "male prostitute," but also has some associations with pedophilia as well. (22) There is an 'alien face' emoji (which I see alot on the stranger photos in this culture - along with the hashtag # alien). The reason I think this is the real deal is because of the strong reactions in the comments. The symbolism of two smooshed ice cream cones on the model's right shoulder must have some meaning going over my head. Myrealhand says, "been there." I'm like the person commenting on the previous photo going, "What in the heck is this person talking about?" 

Of course, Millkcult, jokes about "life goals" because they sell ice cream for a living. In fact, (bringing this full circle), Holley Simmons, Kate Warren, and Magadeth all have an association with the "Milk Cult Sanctuary."

screenshots via


Speaking of the D.C. art scene, let’s tie some things together and bring this back full circle to John Waters. Interestingly, Water’s is famously from Baltimore where all of his films take place. Baltimore is only 38 miles from Washington, D.C. Waters hasn’t made a film in many years but is now known as a visual artist.

In 2015, his most recent exhibition in New York City (about 3-4 hours from D.C.) included a screening of Kiddie Flamingos.

From the official press release:

In the main gallery, Waters draws from his notoriety as a film director to present a new 74-minute video entitled Kiddie Flamingos. The video shows a table read of Waters’ X-rated 1972 cult film Pink Flamingos, rewritten as a children’s movie with an all-kid cast. Waters hopes that this defanged and desexualized sequel is even more perverse than the original, transferring innocence into a new kind of joyous, G-rated obscenity.

Out Magazine (America’s highest circulated LGBT magazine) proclaimed (24):

One of our favorite provocateurs, John Waters cast children to read the script for his X-rated 1972 cult classic Pink Flamingos for a new multimedia show at Marianne Boesky Gallery. The result is camp catnip.

I was a little bit surprised when I read the *Wikipedia* entry on the original Pink Flamingos and it said that, “the film has been widely celebrated by the LGBT community,” and that the film is considered "the most important queer film of all time" by some “queer theorists.” (25) 

The New York Times posted a clip of the video in more than one of their publications:

When I thought about how mainstream this X-rated film had become, it made me reflect upon how far Waters had advanced Kinsey and Crowley’s culture war. If you haven't already seen this film, everyone needs to watch, The Kinsey Syndrome How and Why Pizza became Pedophilia.This film documents how Kinsey carried on where Aleister Crowley left off and how Hugh Hefner picked up where Kinsey left off. I contend that Water's advanced their agenda and took it to the next level.

Without John Waters, or Pink Flamingos, would we even have television shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race* winning Emmy awards? (Interestingly, in 2015 the show featured a re-enactment of the Pink Flamingos scene where Edie sings about eggs, and John Waters is one of the judges: 

Did the mainstreaming of shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race in turn pave the way for greater acceptance of the Caitlyn Jenners of the world and now the increasing number of pre-teen drag queens?

Perhaps America's first “drag tween.” Rainbowgore Cake began his career at age 8...

Meet RainbowGore Cake:

If Kiddie Flamingos were found only on Waters’ Instagram account we’d have Titus Frost saying, “This person needs to be highly investigated.”

But how do we proceed when (despite the fact that people say the guy sports a pedostache and even played a pedo priest in Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat, this man is considered a hero by large segments of the population, and all of these satanic activities are being openly celebrated by the *New York Times*?

Even the latest generation of Rockefeller tots were spotted walking around town, this past Halloween night, dressed and made up exactly like Divine’s character in Pink Flamingos, hashtag, “# flamingosgonewild."

David Rockefeller's great-grandson:

Shea Van Horn / Miss Summer Camp’s Twitter banner features Divine, a drag queen who grew up near John Waters and became famous as an actor in Waters' films.

Believe it or not, Kiddie Flamingos was not the most shocking piece in Waters’ art show. The first photo I saw from the exhibit was this:

"Not only is Bill’s Stroller built to be baby’s first bondage buggy, but the stroller also features fabric covered in the logos of former sex clubs in New York and San Francisco. It’s never too early to teach your baby about Blow Buddies!” --via Filthy Dreams

The first thought that entered my mind was, pedo-sadism. But the apologist, Waters, explains:

I’m trying to pay tribute to the passing of time for an outlaw minority that is now eager to be middle class...Bill’s Stroller was inspired by Provincetown’s Gay Family Week, commenting on the drive of many in the gay community to conform to normative middle class values. In recent years, the mainstream gay community has exchanged sex clubs for play dates, tubs for kiddie pools and slings for strollers. (26)

But, it gets weirder…Bill is his doll.

Waters’ 2007 Christmas card via Filthy Dreams and Dreamlandnews

Supposedly this is a “Reborn Doll", according to "Excavating The Filthy History on John Waters’ ‘Bill’s Stroller"’ (above).

This one is even creepier…and we may be looking at a new code word here...

Is that a bowl of soup on the night stand?

via VICE and

We Just Call Things Funny Names, That’s All” – Marina Abramovic

One May 17, Carolyn Limaco published a YouTube video stating that she believed she had found a new code word, “soup,” in the Wikileaks' Podesta emails. 

I also came across some interesting photos and comments along these lines on Holley Simmons’ Instagram.

Holley’s comment on this photo juxtaposes the words “soup” and “baby.” I wouldn’t think anything of it – but now that I have seen John Waters’ photo of him and the baby doll sitting by some soup, that is exactly the image this comment brings to mind, especially because there are eggs in Holley’s photo (which as I previously stated may be code for “baby.” I still wouldn’t think much of any of this but there appears to one more code in the comments of the same photo – the MMMM code, discovered by James Grand at PizzagateCanada and the HeavyWaterNewsNetwork.


Cosmic Adventures & The Satanic Connections to PizzaGate (Part 1)

Complete Decoding of # PizzaGate # PizzaGateCanada # PizzaGateHawaii (@ 2:34:11)

What is # DonutGate # VoodooDoughnut? Expanding The # PizzaGate Investigation Part 2 (@ 1:27:10)

Comet Ping Pong employee, Joshuaryanv, posted  this meme on his Instagram account. Someone writes, "Delete this."

Now, certainly every one of us here in the U.S. has probably said, “MMMM,” completely innocently during a meal that we really enjoyed. But I did find it interesting that when I went through all of the comments on food photos on Simmons’ account (back to January of 2013) I noticed that whenever someone used the phrase it was on an item associated with a known (or suspected) code word, five out of seven times (and the other two are still suspicious).

Soup and egg juxtaposition


Egg dish

Cinnamon roll 

(Notice the spiral and look up the definition of “sub rosa" – it’s mentioned in the DaVinci Code and is a reference to underground subcultures in that book*. SEE ALSO:

John Waters and David Lynch in front of Bob's Big Boy via Friends of the Void and Cinephilia and Filmmaking

Two uses of MMMM in non-pedo symbols:

Salad at Rose's Luxury

I would consider this one a weak example and yet where the MMMM is we also have double hearts, use of the word “magic,” salad in quotes, and saying “it will change your life.”

Dim sum (or dumplings) in the suburbs

The comments could possibly have a double meaning, such as “Bob’s Big Boy" (see photo of Waters and Lynch, above).

At first I thought that this MMMM example (below) is probably totally innocent because it was on a picture of unidentifiable Korean food but it led to a compelling rabbit hole:

When I went to the account of the commentator, **Erin_MCA**, there’s a possible cannibalism reference: “humankind is noodle-kind.” She also had emojis of the 3 monkeys: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil*,” on her profile which is also found on Zacharyancox’ Instagram account (the one with the egg and pizza art from the Swordfish leaks.

I also came across a Pizzagate video recently (which I can no longer find in my history, so if someone can put a link to it in the comments I would really appreciate it) where they discuss Stephen Colbert's use of the phrase, Monkey Butter.

Also, Clay Rockefeller and his wife often refer to their, and others,’ children as monkeys and have made at least a couple of twisted jokes about monkeys on their social media accounts:
I looked up the possible cannibalism phrase and found out the original version was coined by the inventor of instant ramen soup: “Mankind is noodlekind.” (27)

Which brings me back to the ramen soup on Holley’s page where Holley uses the phrase, “motherfuckers,” (an incest reference if you think about it) and one of her commentators says, “You’re either ready to reap this freaky-assed harvest or you’re not.” 

Well, that’s interesting because “soup” definition #27 in the Urban Dictionary is, “slang for sex; characterized by very voluptuous, gratifying, juicy, sometimes freaky sex” (emphasis added). And, for what it’s worth, the following definition, #28, contains a cannibalism reference, and definitions # 25 is, “a small or undersized penis.”

Interestingly, in an ad for Marina Abramovic’s “Spirit Cooking” dinner (December 2014) it says that, “she will teach you… how to cook a series of traditional soups."

Abramovic said that the dinner was “just a normal menu, which I call spirit cooking. There was no blood, no anything else. We just call things funny names, that’s all.” (28)

via Reddit

Carolyn Limaco documents the unusual use of the word soup in the Podesta emails:

…Which brings me to the fascinating discovery that I made when I plugged in the word “eggs" in *Wikileaks'" Podesta emails.


In this email, John Podesta’s daughter, Megan Rouse, shares an article, “Why Easter is Greek to Me.” She says it, “brings back good memories,” of “red eggs.”

The article is about how the traditions of Greek Orthodox people differ from Catholics and other Christian and American traditions. It says:

We don’t do bunnies. We don’t do chocolate. We don’t do pastels. Those are just some of the things that non-Greeks may not know about Greek Easter… We do lamb, sweet cookies, and deep red. The lamb is roasted and not chocolate, the sweet cookies are called Koulorakia and are twisted like a braid, and our Easter eggs are dyed one color only: blood red. (29)

note the location of St. Raymond's Catholic Church in the upper-right corner.

This is interesting because Wikipedia says that John is only half Greek and that his father is of Italian stock. (30) It is also well-documented that Podesta identifies as Catholic (31) (and this same daughter, Megan, just happens to live right across the street from a massive Catholic Church in Dublin, CA - right down the road from where I grew up (in San Ramon - which is named after that very church - **and I will be publishing some major revelations about the activities of the global elite in that region so that people can gain some insight into why she might be choosing to live there, so please FOLLOW me @ElizabethRussell for UPDATES on Steemit or subscribe on YouTube.

I was unable to find any information on the ethnic background of John’s wife, Mary, so I don’t know if that had anything to do with choosing the Greek traditions rather than other traditions but the choice is an interesting one.

This email is interesting because unlike some of his other emails it is just as interesting when taken at face value. You don’t have to read anything into it for it to make sense. It can be read either way. It can be read literally – actual blood red eggs representing the blood of Jesus, or you can read between the lines, symbolically – if indeed “egg” is code for a sacrificial baby then red, or bloody, eggs still makes just as much sense (and in my opinion, Jesus was the ultimate ritual abuse victim).

We shouldn’t be surprised by this particular Podesta family tradition after all that we have learned about their intimate relationship with Marina Abramovic, known for her copious use of blood in performance art.


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